Baliem Valley is located in the highlands of Western New Guinea, also called as middle highlands because its city surrounded by high mountains. Baliem Valley is occupied by three main tribes; Dani, Lanny and Yali. But Baliem Valley is home base for Dani people. The main town in the valley is called Wamena. The Baliem Valley lies between 2 deffrent tribes; namely first, Lanny tribe which is in the Western part and the second is the Yali tribe which is in the southern.

Each tribe has different unique culture. Of course their cultures has been a part of their lifestyle until these days. A common famous unique culture for these tribes can be seen from their unique style of koteka or penis guard which is worn by the males in each of these tribes. The Dani tribe wear a long thin Koteka and the Lanny tribe wear two difrrent styles of koteka “Tiyo Yiwak ” a wide long ground sized and “Kobewak” a long medium thin sized and the Yali prefers the longer straight feathered one of selected birds on the top of koteka.

Entering the Dani territory is a great journey whether you will get in touch and experience with local people of Dani about their lifestyle and of course it would be unforgotable moment in your life. Once you visit the Dani tribe one thing that should not be missed is witnessing the great Dani Pig Feast Ceremony combined with traditional dance and mock war.

The traditional Dani tribal dance, pig feast and mock war is truly one of the highlights of the tour today. The Dani people in the villages will demonstrate a great “mock war” whether followed by ceremony at Obia village and Jiwika village. There will be a pig that prepared to be cooked in a traditionally way, firstly; set stones on the top of a big ground stoove that must be heated by fire. Secondly; Once those stones are getting heated, the heated stones should be placed into a ground hole which is setted up with grasses then put the sweet potatoes and once covering again with grasses and vegetables are placesd and fiilled with heated stones in every side of vegatebles and next the pig is placed on the top of vegetables that is covered with some banana leaves and. Finally, it’s covered with grass and wrapping tie it up with long rattan vines. It takes more less then an hour to open it out and the feast begins.

Once this great pig feast is demonstrating, local people are dressed up or decorate their body in traditionally costume. The men wear “Holim” penis guard and the women dress up “Sali” t-shirt. The men’s bodies and faces are painted and a pig thorn is placed in their noses; beautiful headdresses made of exotic feathers are placed on their heads as a thorn both for men and women.


Day 01 : Jayapura – Wamena (L+D)

upon on arrival at the wamena airport , you will be met by our guide or meto assist you for a short transfer to a hotel to check in and diretly to the police station to make the Surat Jalan (Travel Permit) then tou will be guided to visit the Napua hill to enjoy the gorgeous view of Baliem Valley from the top. Have lunch at local restaurant after or before the tour day. After lunch continue to visit local markets. Afternoon return to hotel and dinner will be at hotel.

Day 02 : Wamena – Dani Village ( Pig Feast Ceremoney ) (B+L+D)

Having breakfast at hotel and continue drive head to Dani villages in the north part of Baliem Valley and on arrival, you will be welcomed with a huge smile and shaking hands by saying “Wa wa wa “ which means Welcome. And once you are in Dani village you will be given a choice to decorate/wear their traditional atributes such “ Holim” penis guard for men and “Sali” strings t-shirt for women and wear their crown which is made of Bird of Paradise, cassuary feathers etc, in order to experience their lifestyle. The next is showtime to enjoy the mock war, pig killing, firing show, traditionally cooking show, dancing, and eat processing. “This pig feast ceremoney is describing something happened (local issues could be; teritory, forest possesing etc) in the past and these processing as noted above are the steps how the Dani people build a mutually peace between one to another groups”. It takes more than 3 hours for all shows perforrmed. After enjoy the ceremony you will be proceeded to see a hundred years of Mummfied cheaf in Jiwika. After ends of Dani cultural tour / pig feast ceremoney, drive back to Hotel. Overnight and dinner at hotel.


After breakfast, take a short transfer to airport for catching a return flight to Jayapura. On arrival in Jayapura catching next flight for the next destinations.


USDOn Dealing/Person


Price Includes :

  • 2 ways Ferry tickets
  • 4 malam Akomodasi
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Entrance fees di setiap spots (PIN)
  • Boat ( incld. pick up & drop off )
  • Mineral Water
  • Guide fee

Excluded :

  • Pin Masuk awal di Pelabuhan Waisai
  • Tipping
  • Handycrafts/ sauvenirs
  • Laundry etc

Things to bring :

  • Fully charged Cameras
  • Small money
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun body lotion
  • Identification Documents

Important Notes

  • Watch your belongings during the trip
  • You are not allowed to bring some goods that against the Indonesia law during the trip