Raja Ampat Island has many small islands which comprise more than 1500 islands. Covered with jungle islands, rocky hill islands, sublime scenery of steep, even has fress white-sand beaches, lagoons, caves, wildlife species (reptails, Red Bird of Paradise, Wilson birds, lorkeits and many Raja Ampat endemic birds), and the diversity of colorful marine life ( fish, corals, mangrove and many more that makes divers and snorkelers love this island as a hidded paradise that needs to be discovered and explored more. So, Raja Ampat is kindly the best diving spot and rich marine life in South East Asia and Pacific.
Today, proudly we would like to bring you close to see, learn and experience enjoy the unlimited beauty of Raja Ampat with attractive tour programs designed prossesionally to make your dream come true.


Day 1, Jakarta / Jayapura – Sorong Airport – Waisai

Upon on arrival at Sorong Airport, you will be proceed to ship port to catch the mini ferry ship to Waisai. Lunch will be arranged. It takes 2 hours to reach Waisai, it depends on the local conditions like weather etc. Once you are arrived to Waisai harbor and proceed to Pandawa Resort, Check-in and free time explore around.

Day 2 – Painemo – Arborek – Pasir Timbul

After breakfast, you will be proceed to the most beautiful Pianemo Island which is well known as best coral islands in Papua.Once entering and explore Pianemo area you will see the excotic corals appear perfectly in the colorful oceans (it could be dark blue sea and pure blue with white sand, it is very exciting. You can do some swimming around the area. To see whole islands and enjoy the most spectacural panorama you will be proceed to do a short trek to the Mt.Karts at least 25 minutes. And before you are on the top of Mt.Karts, we ensure you to have a fully charged camera to take some pictures.After from the top of Mt.Karts then summit a trek down and proceed to the Arborek Village. Once you are around here, you can do swimming or snorkeling to see and enjoy the variety of beauty marine fishes in the sea. Not only these, you will also have occasion to be around at Pasir Timbul (Pasir Timbul means the white sand appears in the middle of the ocean). After from Pasir timbul you will be proceed to your resort to enjoy your dinner and sleep. Free time meet local people, talk, sharing and experience with them.

Day 3 – Painemo – Arborek – Pasir Timbul

We we will try to do our best to organize your trip as a endles life experience in your lifetime cause we are not wish your trip gets rush. That once you are here you can see, learn and experience many things and either get close to the local people and spend some times with them. So we will spend 2 days in this islands.

Day 4 – Resort – Waisai – Sorong

After breakfast, will be droped back to the port Waisai and take the Ferry ship back to Sorong City. On arrive in Sorong, check in at a hotel and you will be proceed to a local restaurant for a lunch and after lunch we will explore Sorong city. After all back to your hotel and enjoy your dinner.

Day 5 – Sorong – Jakarta

After beakfast, take a short drop to the Airport for your next flihgt destinations check in.




Price Includes :

  • 2 ways Ferry tickets
  • 4 malam Akomodasi
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Entrance fees di setiap spots (PIN)
  • Boat ( incld. pick up & drop off )
  • Mineral Water
  • Guide fee

Excluded :

  • Pin Masuk awal di Pelabuhan Waisai
  • Tipping
  • Handycrafts/ sauvenirs
  • Laundry etc

Things to bring :

  • Fully charged Cameras
  • Small money
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun body lotion
  • Identification Documents

Important Notes

  • Watch your belongings during the trip
  • You are not allowed to bring some goods that against the Indonesia law during the trip