Please read our terms and conditions carefully before booking your trip with us!

Booking Conditions

  • Provide us a photocopy of your passport and 20% of  total cost as deposit in order just to hold the booking.
  • The 20% deposit  is non refundable.
  • The rest amount can be summited upon your arrival in Papua before the tour is started.
  • During the yearly Festival tours on ( June, August, September, and October ), please book your trip 2 or 3 months early before the Festival is held.
  • We receive Rupiah for payment and make sure you have changed your money in Jakarta or Bali to summit the payment. If you have no enough time to do it, you can do it in Jayapura.
  • We even accept last minute booking. You can book a trip to Papua 7 days prior to the trip departure dates. Last minute booking may not acceptable during the Festival months as noted above.

Payment Methods

We accept the payment via ATM Transfer or Direct Inter-Bank

  • Account Holder          : PAULUS T FATLOLON K
  • Current A/c                 : 215601003957504
  • Paying Bank               : PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia
  • Branch                         : KCP Tanah Merah
  • Bank Street Address   : Trans Papua, Boven Digoel

Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of the client

If you have completely summited the payment, please copy the delivered report paper and foward it to us just to confirm that the payment is succcesfuly summited.

Liabilities and Flexibilities

We are not liable for any change or cancellation of the trip under unavoidable circumstances like change in rules and regulations of country, government restrictions, natural disasters, political instability, cancellation of flight, delay, sickness or accident, breakdown of vehicle, bridges etc. Any extra cost incurred due to such circumstances shall be accomplished by the clients themselves. And due to tours if the clients would change the exsisting tour programs, we are not liable for any refunds in case of any incomplete tour, trek or expedition whatever the reason. And otherwise, if the clients want to extend the tours a little longer then we can negociate about the extra fee applied if do. Or If your trip gets cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, war or unfavorable climatic conditions, we will arrange another trip for you. So, even if your trip will be not the one you choose, your money will not go in vain.

Trip Cancellation
If  you intend to cancel your trip for any reasons, you need to write it to us 14  or 7 days prior to your trip departure date. We shall approve it as cancelled only after receiving a valid written notice from the clients. As per our policy, the deposit amount is non refundable.

Price Changing
We reserve our rights to change the price under various circumstances. Though our action will be reasonable like in case of some circumstances such as drastic change in exchange rate, inflation, government actions, etc, we are not liable to answer anyone for our action.

Travel Insurance
We highly recommend a comprehensive travel insurance package to all our clients. The insurance must cover all the medical expense, personal accident, emergency evacuation, and trip cancellation, loss of gears and natural calamity, theft of or damage to baggage and personal effects etc.

Flight Delay( Cancellation )
Flight delays and cancellation are quite often during the bad weather condition in the remote areas particularly in the highland areas like, Baliem Valley, Yahukimo, Yalimmo and Pegunungan Bintang region etc. Therefore, it is advisable to carry some extra money to buy foods, drinks and accommodations in case of delays. We will not be responsible for any of the additional expenses. Therefore, please plan accordingly.

Your personal belongings
We are not liable for any damage or loss of your luggage or property. They are at your own risk. So you need to make sure your stuffs are stay close with you anytime anywhere.

During the tour
In case you commit any unlawful act during your tour and you are compelled to leave Papua, we are not liable for any kind of refunds.

Inportant Notes !!!
Our terms and conditions are applicable only if you book your trip with us directly.